Welcome to my blog! My name is Eric and I am glad you stopped by.

If you arrived via a search engine you may have found the page you were hoping to read missing. What happened is I deleted all my posts a little while ago. Over time I will be replacing the more popular articles with new ones.

Why am I starting fresh?

My old site content was scattered and the writing itself likewise all over the place. So like sand art I brushed it away. In doing so and getting a little better organized I have made room for myself to grow as I share with you.

A little about me and magick.

My home in magick and the occult is the path of the Druid. For all the paths I have wandered down they each have had a very strong nature bent. Not until I began studying the path via The Dolmen Arch teachings though did I realize the depths of my Druid inclination. With The Dolmen Arch has come something else I am really resonating with now.


Lily in her bed.After spending decades freewheeling through the magickal and energetic realms I needed a bit of organization to keep me on track. Having a regular practice of ritual, meditation, and divination was just what I needed.

Divination? Take your pick of systems, diviation is a wonderful way to develop your intuition. Tarot and The Coelbren Alphabet are my primary systems.

My favorite tarot deck is the Symbolic Tarot of Wirth. There are many good decks, I have a half dozen others, you just need to find one which resonates with you. The Coelbren Alphabet is the Welsh Runes for lack of a better description. Possibly invented in the 1700’s they have developed into a rather powerful divination system.¬†

Over time I do want to explore divination and magick with the Elder¬†Futhark. I have done a little bit of work with them but the time isn’t quite right yet to go deeper.

When I am not doing magick stuff I can be found dancing Argentine Tango with my wife, reading a book, or near a beach with our puppy, Lily. She is the fuzzy pup, her big brother Peanut is pictured helping me in the garage. He doesn’t go to the beach with us as he is very anti-social.