Introducing the New Druid Magick Blog

Last Updated on August 26, 2021

Some Background

In December of 2020 I made the decision to begin formal, structured studies of magick. For decades now I have been freewheeling across the occult landscape. Lots of learning happened. Important lessons guided by my higher self with perfect timing.

About 5 or 6 years ago I began getting unsettled in my studies. Casting about to ease my discomfort with my path I found nothing which helped. While my library expanded considerably my studies floundered.

Then I happened upon an announcement of a new set of books being published. The two volume set titled “The Dolmen Arch”, compiled by John Michael Greer, is based on an early 20th century correspondence course in Druid occultism.  Yes, this was what I was looking for all those years. While I was no stranger to Greer’s other writings on Druid practices these books in particular were just what I needed.

Now with some structure to my daily practices, for that matter just having consistent daily practice in the first place, I have been exploring and learning about magick in a new way. Being guided by Greer and the unknown author from many years ago I am filling in gaps in my occult background in a much more comprehensive manner. As I make way in my studies I begin to see why some of the old ways evolved in the manner they did.

Magick is very real and making mistakes in how you develop along the way let alone use magick can cause real problems for the unaware.

Daily Magick Practices

Each day now starts with a ritual, discursive meditation, and divination. Every single day. Keeping up the practice is clearly helping my will power and focus. It’s not a huge time commitment but I usually need 45 minutes a day for the basic practices. Other exercises as well as background reading and studying add some more time.

My new routine is also helping me develop a much more centered state of being. I would credit the discursive meditation for this shift. Somehow meditating on a theme instead of emptying my mind has helped my harness my mind dramatically.

Energetically, with the druid path, I am slowly developing lunar currents which are a combination of the solar and telluric. For most my past in this incarnation anyway I was strongly focused on telluric and completely neglecting the solar current. Bringing the two together is balancing out my energetic fields very nicely.

The other thing I am finally able to do is establish relationships with deities of my choice. In my case with the Irish pantheon. I spent years trying to figure out the god and goddess thing. Left to my own devices I doubt I would have figured everything out with my sanity intact.

Still early day as I am on grade 2 of 7 but already feels like I found my spiritual home.

Here are some ideas and topics which I am looking forward to sharing with you in the months and years ahead.

  • magick in contemporary culture
  • magick in everyday life,
  • using and interpreting the tarot and other divination systems,
  • rituals,
  • lunar magick and sea magick,
  • energy healing systems
  • and … the list gets rather lengthy when I start writing everything down!

Bad Fiction

Last but not least I hope to publish some really bad fiction of my own creation. I won’t mix it in with the magick posts so as not to confuse things. Mostly short scenes, they will live in their own section of this blog. I hope you enjoy them or at least get a good laugh at their likely awfulness! Over time my writing should improve with practice. How much time I have no idea.

What I do know is that if I give myself permission to be awful while learning I will enjoy the process a lot more. The perfectionist in me can be difficult to manage at times. I am hoping to short circuit his advice.

Welcome to the new DruidMagick blog. I hope you enjoy your time here. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on what I write here. Remember it is okay to critique an idea. Attacks on the person whether me or others commenting are not allowed.



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