The Hospital

Last Updated on September 28, 2021

The following is a scene which popped into my head this afternoon. Expect to see more of this kind of writing on the blog in addition to actual Magick and Divination articles. My plan is to write fantasy scenes and sometimes full series of scenes. Some of them may even end up tying into role playing games as I am really curious about exploring games like Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the Gathering.

The hospital floor hadn’t been mopped in who knows how long. Did someone leave the caution cone out as a joke? Just another forgotten detail in the rush to save what few lives still trusted the hospital to care for them? More likely that as most people didn’t have much of a sense of humor these days.

Wandering the empty ward Duyrd felt the fading glow of desperation imprinted on the walls. Breath is life. When breath is hard to come by panic becomes palatable. Leaves an impression on everything. How long has it been since a doctor has come through here? Since they stopped treating anyone without a card shifts these days have become pretty quiet for most the hospital staff. Even at reception the lines eventually petered away as people gave up and went home to deal with the latest version of plague.

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